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At the Rainbow Creche and Playschool we implement the High/Scope approach to early childhood care and education.

The High/Scope framework has been shaped and developed by research and practice over a thirty year period. It is used internationally in a variety of settings including daycare, playgroups, nursery and primary schools.

High/Scope Ireland was established in 1999 and beings together representatives from the voluntary, statutory, independant and community sectors throughout Ireland who wish to enhance the quality of early childhood care and education through the High/Scope approach. High/Scope Ireland works to empower children and adults through shared control in active learning situations.

Why choose High/Scope?

High/Scope provides children with:

  • A daily routine which works for them.
  • Opportunities to chose, plan and talk about their activities.
  • Appropriate activities which emphasise the process of play and early learning.
  • Adults who are responsive to their individual needs and interests.
  • A holistic approach to development and learning.

Outcomes for Children:

  • Children develop self-confidence, initiative, creativity and problem solving skills.
  • Children learn about social relationships, the world about them, maths, science and technology, reasoning and language.
  • Children develop positive attitudes to self, others and future learning.

High/Scope provides parents with:

  • A partnership approach to their children's care and education.
  • Regular feedback and information sharing.
  • Active learning workshops.

In our High/Scope classroom and playrooms you will see:

  • Clearly defined interest areas such as painting, sand and water, pretend, books and construction.
  • Many natural and real materials.
  • Materials which are accessible to children.
  • Clearly labelled shelves and storage containers.

In any typical day we organise the children's routine according to the basic building blocks of the High/Scope routine:

  • Planning / Work Time / Recall
  • Small group time
  • Large group time
  • Outside time (if weather allows)
  • Transitions and tidy-up

What happens during a High/Scope Session?

  • Children engage in enjoyable active learning experiences throughout the session.
  • Children plan their activities, carry them out and talk about them.
  • Children choose, use and return materials at 'tidy-up' time.
  • Children solve roblems and resolve conflicts.
  • Children play alone and together in small and large groups.
  • Adults use systematic observation to encourage children's development and learning.
  • Children and adults play, talk and learn together as partners.

The High/Scope framework provides a structure which enables children to progress with an adult always at hand to assist them in reaching for the next level but never pushing them beyond their capacity.